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About Us

FIRST AID - Our Mission

Our mission is to make first aid training easy, affordable and flexible for businesses.

We want to deliver highly professional training to work forces and show them why we have the reputation we do. We deliver all aspects of first aid.

Smarty the Monkey - Our Mission

Our mission is to be able to support children between the ages of 4-11yrs with smarty the monkey first aid. We also deliver basic life support to children in high schools.

We want to be able to offer bespoke training which suits the needs of the schools, the children and their learning styles and ensure that they walk away with a lifesaving skill that we believe everyone deserves.


Every single person should be allowed an opportunity to lear, with our knowledge and experience we help make the learning a journey that will be remembered.

We specialise in a number of areas, contact us for a non obligatory chat with our highly qualified and experienced team.